April 08 2009

Matzo Meatloaf

Meatloaf is one of my all time favorites… it brings me back to my childhood. My mother used to make meatloaf at least once a week with a side of mashed tators. She would scream out the window to my brother Morty and I to come in to the table. We never had a problem leaving the stickball game to run inside for mom’s meatloaf.

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April 07 2009

My Granddaughter Rachel’s Matzo Bark

Well here it is… Rachel’s famous matzo bark. Look Rachel, I posted your recipe. Doesn’t it look pretty listed on my website?

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April 07 2009

Cauliflower Matzo Au Gratin

This will make a great side dish for Passover or any dinner of the year. It’s cheesy, it’s French…it’s unbelievable.

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April 02 2009

Mandarin Orange and Cranberry Matzo Brei

I must have matzo brei on the brain.  Here’s another take on an old classic Pesach dish. It’s sweet and DELISHIOSO! It makes a great snack or a sweet breakfast.

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April 01 2009

2 Herb Matzo Brei

Who doesn’t love a little matzo brei….breakfast, lunch and dinner! My granddaughter Rachel enjoys matzo brei so much. I always make it for her when she comes by to visit on Sunday afternoons.

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March 25 2009

Bernie’s Famous Matzo Pizza

This is my all time favorite.  It is not just some sauce and cheese slopped on matzo.  It is a whole to do with layering and olive oil…check it out. 

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March 23 2009

Grandma Lilly’s Matzo Stuffing

My Grandmother Lilly used to cook this up all of the time.  Maybe that’s where I get my matzo gene.

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March 20 2009

Horseradish Salmon en Matzo Croûte

My daughter-in-law, Faye has been obsessed with this recipe.  It is inspired by Martha Stewarts’ “Horseradish Crusted Salmon.”  Faye says, “It’s so now.”  So I made it with matzo, instead of breadcrumbs and let her try it.  I’ll let you be the judge.

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March 09 2009

Brie en Matzo Croûte


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March 09 2009

BBQ Chicken Matzo Nachos


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  • In 1838 a Jewish man named Issac Singer invented the first machine for rolling matzo.