April 16 2009

Passover 2009 is Now a Memory

Passover has once again come and gone. We take away fond memories of Seders, afikomen hunts and overall quality family togetherness. While Passover has come to a close as it does every year we all most likely have boxes of leftover matzo. You might even be compelled to buy a value pack of matzo on sale at your local supermarket. I do understand that some of you out there may want to take a break from matzo until Passover 2010. I understand… but from the bottom of my heart I cannot publicly condone this.

I do have to press upon each of you my feelings about this fork in the road. Please don’t forget all of the wonderful moments you have had with matzo… the chocolate peanut butter matzo “pretzels”, the matzo pizza and the every popular brie en matzo croute. Don’t be so quick to resign from matzo for the next 12 months…. times are tough across the board and discarding entire boxes of matzo into the trash is not exactly what I would call economical. Don’t throw your matzo money away.  Turn it into matzo lasagna or eggplant matzo parmesan. I know I intend to keep on keeping on and do just that. I am not a fair-weathered matzo fan. After all, I’m a self-described matzo fanatic.


I meant to ask this question before Passover was over, but never got around to it.  It occurred to me when I was making your matzo lasagna…what is your matzo brand of preference for recipes? (since we all know not all matzo is created equal)

just wondering…thanks smile

By Sarah on 2009 04 20

I haven’t tried this yet, but check it out and see what you think. http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/tiramatzah

By Richard Howard on 2009 04 20

I’m glad you had such a great passover experience in 2009. Sounds fun and yummy!

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  • Before Passover begins you are supposed to remove all of the leavening from your home.