April 01 2009

My Granddaughter Rachel

My granddaughter Rachel makes a wonderful matzo bark. I will have to ask her for the recipe so I can share it with all of you. I better write it down or I will never remember. Oh maybe she will read my blog post. Rachel if you are reading this please email me your matzo bark recipe. I have been really good about checking my email.
Thanks….love Grandpa Boom Boom.
P.S. See you at your Seder…

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April 01 2009

Recipe: 2 Herb Matzo Brei

Who doesn’t love a little matzo brei….breakfast, lunch and dinner! My granddaughter Rachel enjoys matzo brei so much. I always make it for her when she comes by to visit on Sunday afternoons.

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March 31 2009

Thin Salted Matzo: Not for Pizza

So just as I suspected the Thin Salted Matzo is not ideal for pizza. It’s mushy and does not hold up well under toppings. Also, I didn’t exactly love the extra salt especially with the mozz cheese. I highly recommend using regular unsalted matzo or if you feel like being healthy, the whole wheat matzo, REALLY turns out a crunchier pizza crust.

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March 30 2009

Thin Salted Matzo

I’ve been a bit under the weather so Gertie has been taking care of me. Tonight she is making me matzo pizza dinner. She just came into the living room to show me the new packaging for the Manischewitz Thin Salted matzo. It seems they have wrapped the matzo in plastic wrap into two separate sections, with six matzos in each. I’ve never seen this before and I’m kveling over this new feature. It definitely will preserve the freshness of…

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March 25 2009

Recipe: Bernie’s Famous Matzo Pizza

This is my all time favorite.  It is not just some sauce and cheese slopped on matzo.  It is a whole to do with layering and olive oil…check it out. 

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March 23 2009

Recipe: Grandma Lilly’s Matzo Stuffing

My Grandmother Lilly used to cook this up all of the time.  Maybe that’s where I get my matzo gene.

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March 20 2009

Recipe: Horseradish Salmon en Matzo Croûte

My daughter-in-law, Faye has been obsessed with this recipe.  It is inspired by Martha Stewarts’ “Horseradish Crusted Salmon.”  Faye says, “It’s so now.”  So I made it with matzo, instead of breadcrumbs and let her try it.  I’ll let you be the judge.

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March 18 2009


March 09 2009


March 09 2009


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