April 13 2009

Hang in There

I know, I know, I’ve heard it all before: “I just can’t eat one more piece of matzo.” Usually when someone makes this announcement they have spent the last five days or so eating matzo with tuna, jelly or peanut butter on it. They have not yet discovered how glorious it can be. So I beg you.. please don’t give up on matzo just yet. You have to use it to the best of its abilities, not just as a…

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April 12 2009

Second Night of Passover 2009

I spent the second night of Passover at my daughter Frieda’s house. As per usual it was comfort food in all its glory. All the regulars were there: brisket, turkey, mashed potatoes, and of course Frieda’s Famous Matzo Ball Soup. I made Butternut Squash Lasagna and I put Jacob to work fixing up a batch of Chocolate Peanut Butter Matzo “Pretzels” with semi-sweet chocolate. What a hit… so creamy, so peanut buttery… with matzo…

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April 09 2009

First Seder 2009

Last night my granddaughter Rachel hosted her first Seder in her new home on Long Island. Wait till you hear about the spread she put out… rosemary chicken; roasted asparagus, string beans and fennel; and lamb that she roasted for SIX hours. What a cook… what a spread! I was so proud and wish everyone in the world could have tasted her lamb… unbelievable. My daughter Frieda made my Butternut Squash Matzo Lasagna recipe… you really can’t tell that there…

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April 08 2009

Recipe: Matzo Meatloaf

Meatloaf is one of my all time favorites… it brings me back to my childhood. My mother used to make meatloaf at least once a week with a side of mashed tators. She would scream out the window to my brother Morty and I to come in to the table. We never had a problem leaving the stickball game to run inside for mom’s meatloaf.

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April 07 2009

Three-Sewer Morty

We use to call my brother “Three-Sewer Morty.” For those of you out there who aren’t stickball players please allow me to explain. A three-sewer guy is a kid who can hit the ball three sewers away from home plate… it’s like a block and a half. We never saw a kid hit four. No one can hit four sewers… no one!

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April 07 2009

Recipe: My Granddaughter Rachel’s Matzo Bark

Well here it is… Rachel’s famous matzo bark. Look Rachel, I posted your recipe. Doesn’t it look pretty listed on my website?

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April 07 2009

Recipe: Cauliflower Matzo Au Gratin

This will make a great side dish for Passover or any dinner of the year. It’s cheesy, it’s French…it’s unbelievable.

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April 05 2009

My Brother Morty

My beloved brother Morty flew in from Boca today for Pesach. I can’t wait to see him in action at the Seder table. His favorite part is the “required” four glasses of wine per person, per Seder. Oh Morty…he is such a card….ya just gotta love him.

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April 04 2009

“What’s the Big Deal?” – Going Viral

Jacob says I’ve gone “viral.” I asked him if I should go to the doctor. He explained to me that matzobox is getting a lot of visitors from different Internet websites and from people telling their friends. I asked him how could he tell? Apparently we have something called Google Analytics. I told him that my great niece Annie had been announcing the blog in something called “forums,” listing it on Jewish websites and “commenting” on other people’s blogs. She…

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April 02 2009

Recipe: Mandarin Orange and Cranberry Matzo Brei

I must have matzo brei on the brain.  Here’s another take on an old classic Pesach dish. It’s sweet and DELISHIOSO! It makes a great snack or a sweet breakfast.

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  • In 1838 a Jewish man named Issac Singer invented the first machine for rolling matzo.