April 19 2011

Two Pieces of Matzo is Better Than One

Happy second night of Passover!

The following blog post was inspired by a comment I received today from one of my readers. 

Tracy asked: “Just curious why do you layer two pieces on top of each other, vs just making it one layer?”

Well Tracy this is an excellent question.  My matzo pizza calls for two layers instead of the traditional one layer for one major reason.  The double layer provides the eater with more of…

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April 18 2011

Passover 2011

We are just about to sit down for a lovely Passover Seder.  I wanted to take a few minutes to wish all of you a happy and healthy Passover 2011. Cook any exciting and delicious matzo dishes this year?  Share them with me in the comment window below! I hope to hear from all of you real soon. I am so glad to be around my family tonight and I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday.

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April 13 2011

Bernie is Back!

Heeeeere’s… Bernie. I’M BACK! Well friends it’s been a very long year for good old Bernie. The recovery from my hip-replacement surgery has had a few hiccups. The replacement has been causing me some problems and I have developed chronic pain. I will try not to dwell on the details, but the chronic pain was really getting me down. I have decided to give myself an attitude adjustment. I am going to start doing my best not to let the…

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March 29 2010

Passover 2010

Ok so I am as the kids say “hanging” with Jacob today. He is keeping me company on the sofa while Gerty cooks up a storm in the kitchen. He says I should “live tweet” from the Sedar table. I don’t know how God will feel about this one but I am going to do it. He is going to sit next to me with his iphone and we are going to use “Tweetie” so everyone can be…

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March 29 2010

Gertys in the Kitchen with Matzo Balls

Lucky for me I have a clear line of sight into the kitchen from my recovery couch. I can see my beautiful Gerty cooking up the matzo balls for tonight’s Sedar. She really does know how to cook up a nice fluffy matzo balls. I can’t wait to sick my teeth into them. The best way to ensure your matzo balls are cooked to perfection is to use a tablespoon and carefully place them in rapidly boiling water. DO NOT…

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March 26 2010

God is On Twitter

I read an article last week in the Wall Street Journal: How to Perk Up Passover’s Plagues? Twitter, Charades and ‘Jewpardy.’ Seems I am not the only one who uses Twitter to talk about Pesach. Luckily Jacob came by today for a delish Shabbat dinner that Gerty is cooking up in the kitchen. He just showed me how to “talk” to other tweeters. I just talked to God! If…

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March 26 2010

My Aching Hip

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be up to writing this Pesach but Gerty has urged me to try to give it the best that I can. It hasn’t been an easy couple of months for good ole Bernie. At the beginning of February I had hip-replacement surgery. I have been at home recovering slowly but Gerty has been by my side every step of the way. She has been waiting on me hand and foot and I…

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September 19 2009

Oy Vey

Oy Vey… I am so tired from cooking and eating all night. Just about to hit the hay. More about what we ate tomorrow. Delish of course.  Full as can be. Dirty dishes everywhere!

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September 18 2009

Happy New Year To You and Yours

Hello out there in technology land! I just arrived at my daughter-in-law Sharon’s home in Westchester. Jacob has been on my you know what for the past hour about my lack of what he calls “web presence” since Pesach. After I figured out exactly what he was talking about I decided I better get my ol’ keester up to the computer room to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 

Rosh Hashonah marks the Jewish New Year. It is when…

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April 16 2009

Passover 2009 is Now a Memory

Passover has once again come and gone. We take away fond memories of Seders, afikomen hunts and overall quality family togetherness. While Passover has come to a close as it does every year we all most likely have boxes of leftover matzo. You might even be compelled to buy a value pack of matzo on sale at your local supermarket. I do understand that some of you out there may want to take a break from matzo until Passover 2010.…

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  • In 1838 a Jewish man named Issac Singer invented the first machine for rolling matzo.